Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Conservation Camp

This week was quite different for me. Instead of working at the zoo with the keepers, I played camp councilor to 32 Belizian kids ages 12-17. They were here for the week and learned about the conservation efforts and struggles in their country. They had guest speakers about the lionfish issue, scarlet macaw poaching, and problem jaguars. They also watched several documentaries about conservation and what they can do to help, and (partly due to my recommendation) they also watched The Lorax. Although I missed the zoo and caring for the animals, I learned so much about the country through the eyes of these kids, and got a much better understanding of their relationship with the wildlife around them. We also went on many trips, from Mayan ruins to cave systems. I got to see a lot of the country I wouldn't have been able to have under normal circumstances. 
Here are some of the pictures of my week with the campers. 
First zoo tour. 
Feeding jags with Sharon. 
Hiking in the bush. 
Cave exploring. 
Field trip to Lamanai the Mayan ruins. 
I made a lot of great friends at camp and it was a week I won't forget. Everyone here was so incredibly accepting of me, which is something I love about this beautiful place. I'll admit it, I didn't know how to be in charge of kids, but we had fun and we all learned a lot from each other. 

It really made me wish that there were things like this in the states. Something that teaches the importance of water and recycling and conserving species. Children especially are who we are going to rely on, and I think Belize and the zoo are making great strides with this camp and educating its youth. 

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  1. Girl there are a lot of conservation groups in the states especially Chicago! Just got to do some digging. If you need recommendations I got you